Top 7 Things You Should Know When Moving a Parent into a Nursing Home

7 nursing home legal advice for parents.Making the decision to move your parent into a nursing home is never easy. You may be dealing with feelings of guilt or inadequacy. These feelings can be mitigated by doing your due diligence before you choose a nursing home for your parent. Below is a list of the top seven things you should know before you move your parent into a nursing home.

Cost: This is perhaps the most important item on the list. Make sure you have a break-down of all the costs associated with the nursing home, to include the room or apartment, meals and any other costs your loved one will incur.

Amenities: Find out what amenities are available at nursing homes in the area, and compare. A home may cost a little bit more but have activities and other things that will make your parent happier.

Aide Ratio: The aide to patient ratio at a nursing home is important. If there aren’t enough aides to handle the patient load, your parent may not have the best care and will be unhappy. Make sure there is enough staff to care for patients’ needs.

Security: Ensure that your parent’s belongings will be secure. As well, make sure that your parent will be secure and feel safe at all times. Open rooms with access to any member of the public or other residents can be scary.

Discharges: Find out what the nursing home’s discharge policy is. When can you have your parent discharged, and what paperwork needs to be completed? Can your parent sign their own discharge paperwork and leave at will? This is a huge safety issue and must be handled properly.

Visiting: What is the nursing home’s policy on visiting hours? Do they have a liberal window for you to come see your parent?

Reviews: Check out reviews and complaints that have been filed with governing boards and the Better Business Bureau in your area. Choose a nursing home that is rated highly.

Make sure you choose a nursing home wisely – it is stressful enough to put a parent into a nursing home, but even worse to have to move them to another facility later. And while cost is important, never sacrifice your parent’s happiness for the sake of sheer finances.

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