Scam Artists Target Elderly Veterans

Con artists mark senior citizen veterans in recent scams

Con artists mark senior citizen veterans in recent scams

Elderly veterans are increasingly being targeted as the victims of a recent string of scams that con them into thinking they have been awarded “living trust” packages, only to then sell the unassuming senior citizen an outrageous, high-commission annuity.

Today these “annuity swindlers” disguise themselves as Veteran Affairs Benefits and Aid & Attendance. Be sure to keep a look out for any suspicious or too good to be true offers out there with a veteran agency. So beware. If anyone says that they are with the VA, you can verify their accreditation at

Here’s just a clip from a recent article on the matter:

“This has to do with financial predators,” says Andrew Lamar, spokesman for state Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett (D-San Leandro). “They target veterans who have plenty of wealth but want to qualify for pensions and other programs that stipulate a certain low wealth standard to qualify.”

If you think you may have been a victim from one of these scams, please contact us! Your Massachusetts Elder Law Attorney at the Law Offices of Adam Tobin.

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