Determining if a Loved One Requires Home Care

It’s a difficult thought, wondering if your loved one might not be able to fully take care of them selves anymore. Countless Americans go through it all the time, dealing with the decision of whether or not they should put their loved one in a home. And even senior citizens are often reluctant to admit that they need help. It’s not easy for a person who’s lived a full life and provided for themselves and their families to come to terms with their predicament for fear of losing their independence or just out of embarrassment. Even those of us who are closest to loved ones have a hard time admitting the fact because we have seen them throughout our entire lives as able bodied and fully capable. But it is a fact of life. People age and the older they get, the harder life can be.

It’s important for us to be aware of the situation and keep a look out for the early signs that a loved one needs home care. Sometimes these signs aren’t easy to spot and can “suddenly sneak” up on you if you’re not paying attention. Here is a list of warning signs that you will want watch for if you concerned that your loved one may need home care:

  • Your loved one neglects personal grooming.
  • Your loved one ignores household tasks.
  • Your loved one doesn’t eat well.
  • Your loved one has fallen or has a fear of falling.
  • Your loved one has difficulty administering medications.
  • Your loved one shows signs of inactivity or isolation.
  • Your loved one neglects mail and has overdue bills.
  • Your loved one has been scammed or a victim of fraud.
  • Your loved one caring needs have become increasingly difficult.
  • Your loved one often gets confused or disoriented.

If one or more of the described symptoms above have been noticed or experienced by your loved one, a home care solution might be the right decision.

For more information and guidance on this difficult dilemma, contact your Massachusetts elder law lawyer at the offices of Adam Tobin. We would be glad to help you with the process and answer any questions you need.