When Faced With A Death — An Important Checklist

Whether you or a loved one is facing death, it is essential to take some time to plan for what will happen afterwards. It goes without saying that anyone can benefit from using a Massachusetts elder law attorney, even long before death becomes the topic. There are numerous considerations for individuals in these situations, including:

  • Planning for end of life expenses, especially when a hospital facility is necessary
  • Making decisions about assets, including how to minimize taxation on any estate
  • Making decisions about dependents, include who will care for any adult dependents
  • Considerations for medical bills and other debts
  • Planning for end of life celebrations, including considerations for burial
  • Updating of wills and trusts to ensure the most current information is included
  • Minimizing risk of nursing homes and medical facilities; including seeking help for elder abuse when needed
  • Considerations for charities, especially if the individual plans to donate a significant portion of his or her estate
  • Probate considerations

There are many things to say and do when you are faced with death of a loved one. And, while you may be focused on the more important things, such as spending as much time as possible with your loved one, it is essential to seek out legal advice and guidance to manage each aspect of this process. A Massachusetts estate planning lawyer is the professional to call in these matters.

It is also important to remember that hiring a Massachusetts estate planning lawyer does not have to occur just as the end of life. These professionals provide ongoing support throughout your life to ensure that your wishes are always planned for in the long term. Ensure you get the help you need and the best possible outcome by turning to a professional with experience.

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